Here’s Why You Should Replace Your Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tile Walking into the bathroom, the visitor noticed the tile was a strange shade of yellow, along with avocado green and dark brown. She felt like she had entered a time machine and stepped back into 1978. The look was, in her words, “jarring.” It didn’t feel good. It felt eerie. Was that an orange shag carpet on the floor? “Oh dear,” she gasped aloud with no one in earshot.

Have you ever had a guest be blunt and tell you it’s time to update your house? Houses are ripe for remodeling such that they keep up with the times. Bathrooms, for example, can have a dramatic improvement when remodeled, complete with new tile, fixtures and cabinets reflecting the current times.

Do you have old tile in your bathroom? Are the colors out of style? If it’s tile from another era, it might be moldy, cracked or chipped.

Over time, water from the sink and shower gets on the floor. If you see black spots on your tile, it’s time to either call the mold removal people or just have the bathroom tile replaced with something newer and fresher.

Though tile is strong, after many years it can break, and when that happens it’s a sign that you’re due for new!

The Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Bathroom TilesCeramic tile of today comes with a protective glaze to protect itself from water damage and mold. Meanwhile, ceramic tile is extremely durable. Because it’s so strong, expect tile installed this year to last two decades or more. If you have a specific color in mind for your new bathroom tile, keep in mind that ceramic tiles are highly customizable, and that includes their color(s). Are you interested in knowing what colors will be popular in 2018 for decorative purposes? If so, check this out.

Some people just have tile floors in their bathrooms, while others have tiles in their shower, on their walls, as the backsplash behind the sink/around the vanity, and, for those who still have tubs, tile around bathtubs is typical, too. Some people even have tile countertops– it all depends on your preferences.

Ceramic tiles have ratings that go from zero to five indicating their hardness. Generally, a 1 or 2 works well for most bathrooms, though if you have kids and pets you might want to go higher.

Having new tile in your remodeled bathroom can give it an updated look and feel. Depending on the color you choose, it can lighten or darken the room. It can also help decorate it, adding a style and/or color scheme that previously wasn’t there.

Since ceramic tiles don’t retain heat that well, you’ll probably want to buy some bath rugs and mats to keep your feet warm on chilly winter mornings. That said, people often opt for an underfloor heating system that can be installed under tile. This unique feature adds warmth to the room and often becomes a talking point when friends and family are over– or when the house is up for sale. “The bathroom has heated floors,” they’ll say, impressing whomever is listening.

While you could have vinyl/linoleum installed for your bathroom floor, ceramic tile seems to be the norm these days. For those with money to burn, granite and marble floors are available, too.

Ideally, though, if your bathroom could use a makeover, go with ceramic tiles. They’re nonporous, easy-to-clean, and attractive.

Bathroom Tile How Reynolds Home Builders Can Help

In the Tallahassee area, many homes have tile bathrooms, and older homes tend to look outdated if they’re not remodeled every couple decades or so. For instance, the tile look of the 1970s may or may not be en vogue in the 2010s. Honestly, the 1970s look is NOT currently in style.

Oftentimes customers want new tile simply for the fact that their current bathroom is looking tired and out of style. Reynolds Home Builders of Tallahassee does many bathroom remodels in the area, removing old tile and installing new, as well as changing out cabinetry, sinks, showers and more.

When you work with Reynolds Home Builders, you’ve got an ally for the whole process, from developing the concept of what you’d like the bathroom to look like right through completion of the desired changes. Reynolds’ experts can help you pick out the ideal tiles for your bathroom space. Presumably, the average person doesn’t know much about tiles or bathroom remodeling, but thankfully Reynolds Home Builders certainly do!

Is it time for new bathroom tiles in your Tallahassee house? If so, please call Reynolds Home Builders at 850-508-5076 to discuss ideas and plans. Remodel your bathroom so you’ll proudly want to show it off to family, friends and visitors.

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