About Central Florida Builder Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds is the founder of Reynolds Home Builders.

This is her story:

I earned my contractor’s license the good old fashioned way. I worked in the field swinging a hammer for five years. I worked for several local remodeling contractors. When work was thin for them I would hire on a framing crew. I like learning new things and the projects were extremely interesting and challenging. I knew that I wanted to be a remodeling contractor and when the time came, I passed the test.

I am the contact person for my clients. I help my homeowners make good home remodeling decisions. I am available to discuss progress, scheduling and changes. I like to keep each client fully informed of work in progress and scheduling changes when they occur.

If you need any custom home remodeling, from simple interior changes to kitchens and bathrooms, additions or a new custom home, contact Debbie Reynolds at Reynolds Home Builders!