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When Selecting a Home Contractor, Be Aware of These Red Flags

When Selecting a Home Contractor, Be Aware of These Red Flags

The term “red flags” is used in a variety of ways. Most often, it has to do with people’s interpersonal relationships. Before someone commits to being a friend or in a closer, loving relationship with someone, they have to look out for red flags, which are warning signs that the other person involved is not trustworthy. That said, red flags come up in business dealings, too.

Home ContractorsWhat are some home contractor red flags?

Verifiable Claims

First, can you verify they are who they say they are? If not, don’t work with them. An honest home contractor’s name, work address and telephone number should be verifiable. Otherwise, they could be making their contact information up with the intent to scam you out of money. Do they really work at the address they give you? Visit and find out. When you call their number, do they answer with their name and can you talk directly to them?

Too Much Urgency

Next, be careful with contractors who try and talk you into signing contracts “right now” without giving you time to think it over. If they say “this price is only available today,” that could be a red flag. Also, you should always read the contract before you sign it– and if they say, “Don’t bother reading this,” then exercise caution.

Deals Beyond Belief

Also, if a contractor offers you a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. One of the tricks shady contractors use is offering you a discount because “we want to use your house for advertising purposes so we’ll give you a super low rate.”

No References

A good contractor should be able to supply you with references you can check. They should be able to show you their license. If they have no references and no license, don’t work with them.

Not On the Ball

Also, if a contractor shows you materials that are out of date with lots of mistakes, if they can’t get their literature right and up-to-date, how can you expect them to tackle major home renovation projects? You want to work with someone who is “on the ball.”

Cash Request

Finally, a big red flag is if the contractor asks you to pay for the entire job in total in advance in cash. They could just be out to steal your money at that point!

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