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2019 Trends for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

2019 Trends for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019 Reynolds Home Builders handles kitchen and bathroom remodels in and around Tallahassee, Florida.

Now that the calendar says 2019 (where did the time go, right?) it’s time to consider some 2019 trends for kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Sink Finishes

Shiny metallic sinks are “in.” Expect to see more and more special sinks with hammered finishes and intricate details. The big color this year? Gold!

Appliance Trends

Stainless steel stuff? “Out!” Sure, it seemed like stainless was the hot thing during the past decade but it’s officially dead. You can still get stainless steel appliances, but that look will instantly date your kitchen by about a decade. Instead, be on-trend by getting a fridge or oven/stove in a primary color. Yes, you read right: appliances in bold blue, red or yellow are “in.”

Colorful Cabinets

What about upper cabinets? While they were trendy for a long time, now it’s about a more “minimalist” look and feel to kitchens, eliminating upper cabinets to achieve a more open feeling. For those who want/need shelves in their kitchens/bathrooms, the trend is metal shelving.

Grey, Black or Gold?

If the past few years have been all about grey in the kitchen/home, 2019 is the year when it’s becoming all about black. For those who want an elegant look, pair black with warm chestnut wood and gold finishes– kind of like a twist on what was popular back in the ‘80s.

Also, know this: besides black, gold will be taking over… it could be gold patinas, rose golds, black golds or bright golds… whatever kind of gold, it’s “in” for kitchen/bathroom remodels in 2019.

Victorian Bathrooms

Bathrooms in 2019 will veer toward classicism and a Victorian look. Basically, bathrooms are becoming more luxurious, elegant and balanced in design. Expect to see dramatic floor mosaics, huge mirrors, and, perhaps, double trough basin sinks. Metal as well as richly colored woods are “in” for bathrooms this year. Everything old is new again, right?

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