Bathroom Showers

Has it been a while since the bathrooms in your home have been remodeled, or are you finding that your bathrooms no longer function the way you need them to? If so, it’s time for you to seriously consider doing a bathroom remodel to modernize and refresh your bathroom space.

A new bathroom shower design can improve the value of your home dramatically and make it easier for you to take a shower – especially when considering aging-in-place design concepts. Reynolds Home Builders can help you with your bathroom and shower renovation project in Tallahassee, FL and show you plenty of options that will instantly make a difference in the way your bathroom functions.

At Reynolds Home Builders, we have helped countless homeowners with complete bathroom shower remodel projects in the past. Many people have come to us for assistance when it comes to making their bathrooms look more visually appealing. There’s nothing worse than having to look at old tiles or an outdated design every time you walk into the bathroom in your home. A full bathroom renovation can take care of this problem right away and change the look of your bathing space.

There are also many people who could benefit from adding showers designed with aging in place concepts in their homes. As you get older, it can become more and more difficult to climb into and out of large showers and bathtubs. We can install showers that keep this in mind – perfect for you today and well into the future, making it easier for you to take a shower or use your bathroom at every stage of your life.

Showers designed with aging-in-place features include wider openings, shorter or no steps and other features that mean you won’t have to worry about slipping, tripping or falling when you get in or out of the shower. We work to build a shower that works best for you, both now and in the future as you get older. It will ensure that everything in your bathroom is as accessible as it can possibly be.

If you have been thinking about changing your bathroom showers and installing something more functional or modernly designed, let Reynolds Home Builders show you what we can do. Call us at 850-508-5076 today to find out how we can revamp your bathroom shower design as part of your bathroom renovation project.