Here’s Why You Should Consider a Screen Room For Your Home

Screen Rooms Isn’t it interesting how people are either too cold or too hot? This seems to be a common phenomenon no matter where a person lives! Thankfully, homes have heating and cooling systems that allow us to “set” the temperature to what we prefer, so even when it’s cold outside we’re warm indoors, and vice versa. That said, people typically like to spend time outdoors in the fresh air when the weather is nice, right? Yes! When it’s warm outside people like to be outside.

One of the nice things about living in Florida is the generally warm weather we enjoy. While our Northern neighbors deal with snow and ice much of the winter, we’re able to be outside in shorts and tee-shirts even in February.

Indeed, one of the main reasons people like living in Florida is for the mild winters. People in this part of the country tend to spend more time outdoors simply because, for much of the year, it’s so nice out.

If you’re living in the Tallahassee area, chances are you’ve been to a friend’s house and spent time in their “screen room,” which is basically a screened-in porch. In Florida, it has become the norm to have what’s called a “lanai,” which is a very Floridian-type word for screen room. Whatever you call it, know this: in Florida, a screen room makes a lot of sense.

The Advantages of a Custom Screen Room

When your porch is enclosed thanks to screening, you’ve got an “indoor-outdoor” room where you can entertain guests, even when it’s raining. This kind of room is enjoyable in nearly all weather conditions. It’ll keep you cool when it’s really hot out because it provides instant shade. Even better, it’ll keep all sorts of bugs and critters away from you– they’ll have to stay outside, where they belong. It’s much more enjoyable to be “kind of outside” without having to worry about flies, mosquitoes and other annoying pests.

Screen RoomsHere’s the thing: your home is your castle. You should utilize all of its space, right? If you’ve currently got a porch that you never use because it’s too “sunny” or “buggy,” perhaps now is the time to consider turning it into a more functional screen room. The nice thing about screen rooms is they’re typically made from aluminum and screening so they don’t require much maintenance.

People who have screen rooms often refer to these rooms as their personal vacation spot– it’s a place in the home that reminds them of being at a hotel resort, where they’re surrounded by nature, but still covered and kept away from bugs. Screen rooms are good for taking relaxing naps, reading books, having a cocktail, or even having a family meal. Some people use these rooms for small parties, too. And, depending on your lifestyle, a screen room might end up being a place to store some items, like your bicycle or swimming pool toys.

Why Screen Rooms Are Ideal for Young Families

For those with kids, a screen room is ideal because it encloses kids in a way where they can’t easily get away. In other words, they’re safer in this space than they are playing in the snake-filled yard or “accidentally” running into the busy street. Many moms love the feeling of watching their toddlers play in a screen room, enjoying the fresh air.

Screen Rooms Screen rooms often become a family’s unofficial second family room where they spend quality time together playing board games, sharing meals, and just hanging out for fun and laughs. Whether busy or quiet, a screen room makes a nice addition to a Tallahassee home. It’s not unusual for a person who “works from home” to use their screen room as their office– the envy of others who are stuck in itchy suits at stuffy cubicles in drab office buildings somewhere downtown.

How Reynolds Home Builders Can Help

Reynolds Home Builders builds screen room additions so that you can enjoy the outdoors while being “kind of” indoors. Screens block bugs, rain, leaves, seed and other debris. Add a patio set and they often become one of the favorite rooms in a home!

Call 850-508-5076 or email Reynolds Home Builders ( to get an estimate for your custom screen room; start planning your home addition today. If you live in Florida, you should have a screen room.

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