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Why Sunrooms Are a Good Investment for Tallahassee Homeowners

Why Sunrooms Are a Good Investment for Tallahassee Homeowners

Adding a Sunroom to Your Home Do you want to know why so many Northerners come to Florida during the winter months? Sure, they want to escape the cold temperatures and the snow, but they’re also trying to get away from the depressingly gloomy skies. Take, for instance, people who live in the northeast (tens of thousands of whom have made a permanent move to Florida since the 1970s)… In many areas, it is partly or mostly cloudy for most of the year! The northeast between October and May is often gray, gray, gray and dreary. Compare that to Tallahassee, Florida. With 134 cloudy days a year, Tallahassee is a sunny city 231 days a year. It’s no wonder Northerners would rather be in Florida.

Florida’s nickname is “The Sunshine State.” As the southernmost contiguous state in the USA, it’s known for its mostly sunny year-round climate, complete with warm temperatures in the winter– the kind where flip flops, shorts and t-shirts are the norm, instead of hats, gloves and bulky coats. If you want a nice sun tan, spend time in Florida. Sun worshippers flock to Florida; it’s the third most populated state of 50 thanks, in part, to its wonderful, sunny weather.

The Benefits of Having a Sunroom

If you live in Florida right now, do you have a sunroom? If not, why not? In Florida, sunrooms are an unspoken necessity— if you live in such a sunny place, your house deserves a sunroom. If you’re going to live in Florida, you should take advantage of the sunny days by having a sunroom on your house. People in other parts of the country WISH they had such a nice place to live!

As a home improvement project, the addition of a sunroom is an affordable, cost-effective way to add space to your place, as well as functionality and value. Because a sunroom is easy to maintain, versatile, and lets a lot of natural light inside while keeping out bugs and animals, it’s an ideal addition to a Florida home. Many say it’s even better than a garage or traditional addition.

Sunroom Uses

Uses of Sunrooms What do Floridians use their sunrooms for? Well, they’re a great place to eat breakfast, especially when the sun is shining. Indeed, they can be used for lunch and dinner, too, and they’re nice places to entertain when visitors come over. Having a sunroom to sit in is like having a quasi-outdoor room without the problems of being outside… you get shielded from the weather should it be windy/raining, bugs and animals are kept out of your way, and if you want to enjoy the look of your yard but not get sunburned, it’s the covered place to be. Oh, and you can have a fan or A/C or TV or other amenities, making your sunroom quite comfortable. Some people even choose to work from home utilizing their sunroom as their home office because it’s such a feel-good space– the kind their Northern friends and family wish they had! Or they have their exercise equipment in there, like a bike or treadmill. A sunroom is a good place to read a book in a comfy chair. Oh, and if grandkids come over, a sunroom makes a great play room, too. There certainly are a lot of diverse uses for a sunroom in Florida!

Reynolds Home Builders of Tallahassee can build a sunroom for you. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can ask about the different styles available, including gable, studio and solarium (conservatory). You can also discuss insulation, windows, the location of it on the house, how much natural light you want to let in, and how basic or fancy you’d like it.

Questions to Ask Your Sunroom Contractor

Sunroom Contractor Some of the things to ask before you hire a sunroom contractor include:

1) How long have you been in business? How long have you been installing sunrooms locally?

2) Are you properly licensed in Florida to do this sort of work? Does your company belong to any professional business organizations?

3) Can I see a list of references whom I could connect with in some way (email, phone, etc.) to ask them how it went and how satisfied they were with the end result? Are there any online reviews/testimonials I could read?

Reynolds Home Builders is happy to answer questions. Did you know Reynolds offers a full range of materials and designs to choose from in order to help create a sunroom space that’s perfect for you? What kind of size, atmosphere and arrangement would you like? Share your wants and needs with Reynolds Home Builders by calling 850-508-5076.

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