Add To Your Home With a Second Story Addition

Second Story Addition If you’re the kind of person who likes knowing about words– how they’re spelled, how they’re used, etc.– then you’ve probably wondered how you’d spell the word for a second floor of a building. Is it “story” or “storey?” Well, if you were in England or Australia, it’d be “storey,” but in good ol’ America, it’s “story” — not to be confused with the word for a tale told– well, that’s “story,” too, isn’t it? English can be confusing!

One thing’s for sure: a second story of a building can come in handy in many ways. Having one means having more space, and if there’s one thing Americans need and want, it’s more space. When you have kids, in particular, you’ll find that they come with a lot of toys that take up a lot of space. In smaller, older homes, families often feel cramped and uncomfortable.

What do you do when you can’t build horizontally on your property because there’s no room to do so? You build up! Adding a second story addition to a home can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

The Benefits of a Second Story Home Addition

Second Story Additions First up, most people would rather stay in place and grow from there than to have to go through the rigamarole of moving. Do you really want to have to sell your current house, find a new one elsewhere, and then have all your stuff moved and unpacked? That’s exhausting, especially if kids (or newborns) are involved. Instead of moving, why not make your current space physically bigger so it can accommodate your current and future needs? Having a second floor means having a whole new space to store things. It means, possibly, adding bedrooms and bathrooms, which can come in handy if your family is growing and the current living situation isn’t up to par. Or, perhaps you need to take in an elderly relative… sometimes you just need more space in your place for everyone to be comfortable, right?

Next, while having the second floor put on, since the workers are already there, it’s a great time to have some renovations done to the first floor. Did you want to replace a window? How about raising the ceiling in a certain room? Want to widen an entryway? Adjust your ductwork? Improve your air conditioning? If you’re already going to have construction workers in your home working on a second floor, why not have them attend to the needs (or wants) of some first floor changes and improvements?

Thirdly, if you decide you want to have a second floor installed, you get to help design it! Chances are you moved into a home that was already designed when you originally moved in… but now, this is your chance to do it “your way.” Oftentimes, people make a list of what they wish their house had, and if it didn’t “fit” before, now, with the second floor, it can! For instance, want a place to put a pool table? That can be done! Want a second floor screened-in porch overlooking your yard? Why not? Need a room for an aging parent that’s made especially for an elderly person? Design it!

Finally, adding a second story to a house adds value to it. You’re making an investment in your property and making it more appealing to people… should you go to sell it, expect to garner a higher price for it since you added on quite a bit of valuable space. A one story home’s resale value could increase greatly by virtue of adding that second story!

Help Cool the First Floor of Your Home

Second Story Additions In Florida, did you know that adding a second story addition actually will help keep the first floor cooler? That’s especially helpful during hot and muggy summer days when the temperature heads above 90 degrees. It’ll also give your house a more modern look and feel. Plus, adding a second story means you don’t have to sacrifice your outdoor yard space. If you live near water or pretty trees, that second story can also afford you some sweepingly beautiful views too.

Reynolds Home Builders of Tallahassee can work with you to design and build your second story addition. Reynolds is good about dealing with formalities from zoning ordinances to building code requirements. The workers at Reynolds have experience and expertise when it comes to making home improvements. Please call 850-508-5076 or email to discuss your ideas for a second story addition on your Tallahassee home.

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