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The Most Common Reasons For Home Additions

What are some of the most common reasons to have a home addition put on your house? There are several.

Growing Families

First and foremost, the main reason people choose to have an addition built on their house is for more room for… whatever they need room for, such as a home office, a bedroom for a child, or storage for stuff.

Oftentimes, here’s what happens– a couple gets married and moves into their starter house. This house tends to be a bit on the small side, but it’s perfectly sized for two adults. Then, along comes baby number one. For a while, the house can handle the new baby, but guess what happens next? Baby number two gets born. Suddenly, the house is starting to feel cramped. Where can all the kids’ toys go? Of course there’s the option to move to a bigger house, but that’s a lot of work, stress, energy, time, and money involved. So, instead, that’s when people call Reynolds Home Builders to add on a room or two to their existing home. Kids require a lot of room to run around, for sure!

Working From Home

Here’s a variation on needing a new room for a kid or two– one of the adults decides to work from home. However, there’s not enough room in the current house to have a proper home office. With the need for a computer desk, chairs, filing cabinets, and shelves to go “somewhere,” that’s another prime time when Reynolds Home Builders gets a call asking to add a room to a house.

Trying to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

For some people, they want to add value to their house. They intend to sell it but want to maximize their profit, so they decide, “Hey, we can get a lot more money for our place if it’s a 3-bedroom house compared to 2-bedroom.” So they call Reynolds Home Builders to make that happen. It should also be noted that Americans think “bigger is better,” and the bigger the house, the “richer” the people in it. Therefore, home additions add not only more space to a place but some luxury as well. Indeed, new additions can be customized to enhance the look of a house– many people decide to add on large living rooms with vaulted ceilings and a dramatic fireplace as a focal point. A room addition is a chance for the homeowner to have his or her input on the size, scope and overall look of the new room.

In Florida, most homes have a “Florida room” that lets the sunshine in through its many windows. Strangely, not all Florida homes have a sunroom, though. For those who don’t, adding one on makes sense since Florida’s weather is often sunny and warm and should be enjoyed indoors as much as possible.

An Extra Source of Income

Another reason some people choose to add on to their home is because they want to rent the new room out for additional income. In this era of Airbnb.com, this is becoming the new norm. Or, perhaps, they want to create a “mother-in-law suite” so their relatives can live with them.

More Space Equals Less Headaches

Adding space to a place is quite common these days– people like having “more room” rather than feeling cramped. People also tend to accumulate a lot of stuff during their lifetime. How many gifts have you received? How many large items have you bought that you like but you don’t use too often? What about things like bicycles, weight bench sets, garden hoses, boxes of household items, sports equipment, and clothing? All that stuff needs to go “somewhere,” but all too often a typical home’s closets are maxed out. Therefore, rather than rent space at the local storage building, people call Reynolds Home Builders to discuss adding on a new “spare room” for storing their stuff. Most people have a spare room or two that becomes a “catch all” for stuff. The more stuff we own, the more space we need to store it year-round.

Whatever the reason for more space, Reynolds Home Builders can get the job done in a cost-effective, energy-efficient, beautiful way. Reynolds regularly adds screen rooms, extra bedrooms, sunrooms, and other home expansions in and around Tallahassee, Florida. If you have a dream for a home addition, Reynolds can help turn that dream into reality.

For more information from Reynolds Home Builders about home additions, call 850-508-5076 or email info@reynoldshb.com today.