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Making a Man or Woman Cave

Making a Man or Woman Cave

Reynolds Home Builders specializes in custom home remodeling and home renovation. It is our goal is to work with you to create your vision of the ideal home environment, and then let you sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting in bringing your vision to life. In the past, we have worked on many kitchens, bathrooms and new additions, but we are also happy to work with you to create a fun new space – a “Man Cave.”

Man caves are often thought of as being for, well, men, but at Reynolds Home Builders, we believe that everyone deserves a room that they can call their own – somewhere comfortable where they can either retreat and unwind or host friends and family to kick back and relax. That is why we will work with you to build your very own custom man or woman cave.

Modern Man CaveSo What Really Are These Spaces?

Such rooms have been around for ages in one form or another. There’s the classic smoking room in older homes, not to mention powder rooms or offices that have served as much more than a space to get ready for the day or finish up work at home. With most modern spaces, though, there is a focus on providing convenience and comfort while catering to entertainment and relaxation, making these new rooms wholly about unwinding and enjoying a person’s interests and passions.

The word “cave” may eventually have to be taken out of the name, because these rooms can be so much more and don’t need to be located in a basement or cellar space. Instead, these man or woman caves can be high-end, elegant media rooms. They can be multipurpose rooms that serve a practical function while allowing you and your friends to lounge comfortably. For example, you are a car collector or a motorcycle enthusiast, you can now transform your collection into a garage showroom for your friends to come see. The man cave garage has come a long way from the days of dad’s weekend work station, as Housely notes in a recent look at several amazing garage spaces.

Man Cave Features“She Sheds” have also been taking suburbia by storm. Some are calling it a trend, but at Reynolds Home Builders, we believe it is here to stay. These picturesque escapes offer women a place all their own to escape the bustle of everyday life, read a book or catch up with friends. These she sheds are often humble looking on the outside and can be as extravagant as your heart desires on the inside, notes Lighter Side of Real Estate – but they also don’t have to be outside. You could create a dedicated room in your home with all the comforts and amenities needed to make it your own. Looking for a space with a dedicated wine cooler and integrated audio system? Let us make that a reality! Here are some examples of what a woman cave can really be.

Popular Features

Now let us get into some popular accessories that will make these “caves” seem like anything but caves. A wet bar is a popular option, and we can easily integrate a new installation as part of a renovation or new construction. Wet bars offer a great feature to serve up chilled wine or cold beer, and can serve as a gathering hub for you and your guests to congregate during a get-together. There are many different ways to arrange a wet bar, and whether you have an idea in mind or like one of these wet bar layouts highlighted by HGTV, we can help you define the space and make it your own.

Finished Man CaveAudio and video entertainments are, of course, a central feature of many man caves, and we can make sure that your new or renovated room meets all of your needs. Planning ahead, we can work to include outlets and connections for cable, audio lines and much more that is integrated to the walls, hiding wires and making for an overall greater visual appeal. We can even make your space more private by including soundproofing features, as well, allowing you to turn up the volume on the big game or your video game system without waking the neighbors or anyone else at home.

For those of you who like to think outside of the box, there are several extravagant accessories that are fit for the inner child in all of us. From giant hammocks to furniture to tap into your pop culture nostalgia, there’s no shortage of options to make your new room entirely your own. Just check out some of these ideas from BuzzFeed to get an idea of what’s possible.

We encourage you to get creative with your ideas. There are so many examples of what can be done, but there are still endless possibilities that exist only in your mind. If you can dream it, we can help you make it into a reality. Let the team at Reynolds Home Builders create the custom recreational rooms you’ve always imagined. To get started, call us today at 850-508-5076.