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How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work and What Are the Advantages?

There are few things in this world that feel better than a nice, hot shower and we are able to enjoy these because of the water heaters we have in our homes. Most homes today use conventional storage water heaters, which heat water and retain it in a hot water tank, but in recent years there has been a more concerted drive toward the adoption of installing and using tankless water heaters. As these devices increase in popularity with homeowners, it helps to know what advantages they can offer your home, whether as a replacement for your current water heating or as part of an addition or renovation at your home.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

One of the leading advantages of a tankless water heater is that it works only when you need it to. So, say for instance you want to take a shower after a long day. You jump in the shower and turn on the faucet. When you do, the tankless water heater will turn on as well.

The tankless heater takes the cold water feeding in from a supply line that enters the appliance and passes it through a powerful heat exchanger that typically has a coil within it. Powered by either a gas burner or electricity, the coil will transfer heat directly to the water which will then come out of the faucet or showerhead piping hot. Once you’re done using the heated water and turn the handle to off, the tankless water heater powers down.


One of the advantages to this type of water heater is that it can provide a consistent and constant source of heated water when you need it. Unlike conventional water heaters, where the supply is limited and it takes time to replenish before it can be used again, a tankless heater can provide the heated water you need on demand and without being limited by hot water tank size.

That’s not the only benefit to it, though.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating water makes up roughly 18 percent of the energy use in a typical home. As Triple Pundit reports, those energy costs can add up and become very expensive quickly, especially for larger households. By switching to a tankless system, you no longer need to not only heat water, but also keep it hot with a tank-style water heater. That can dramatically reduce your energy costs, delivering you hot water only when you need it instead of sustaining a heated supply at all times, as with current water heaters.

Additional Benefits

Tankless water heaters, depending on how much water the home uses, can end up saving you as much as 34 percent on your water heating bill, says Triple Pundit. This energy is also further controlled at your discretion, meaning you have the ability to not only save money, but control how much your water heating bill can be in a given month depending on the volume of hot water you use regularly for bathing, washing and other needs.

On top of saving you money, tankless water heaters last longer as well, with many tankless systems sold today expected to have a useful life of five to 10 years more than storage tank water heaters, notes Bluffton Today. This means that investing in a tankless system will not only save money on your utility bills, you also save you from needing to invest in a new water heater as quickly.

Finally, tankless water heaters don’t take up much space either. They are so small in fact that they could virtually be added pretty much anywhere in or around the house such as in a wall of your home. This means that a tankless system could be added as a point-of-use system in a new bathroom or laundry room addition, eliminating the need to run new hot water plumbing while still providing hot water in your new space.

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