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What’s New in Custom Home Design?

Custom Home DesignsThe desire for custom built homes is growing every day. As a matter of fact, six out of every 10 homeowners prefer to have custom-drawn plans instead of pre-drawn plans for their new homes, reports Construction Dive, showing consumers are tired of the same old cookie-cutter houses. When customers choose to have a home built, they want something that is unique and meets their personal preferences and wants, which is why more and more prospective homeowners are opting to hire full homebuilders and designers instead of hiring a general contractor an architect.

If you’re a member of this group and are looking to create your own custom home, there are a number of questions to answer as you get started. First and foremost is what do you want to include? Do you want the same old thing, or do you want to be on the forefront of the housing market and have the coolest and classiest components in your home? Let’s take a look at the newest trends in custom home design to give you some inspiration on concepts and ideas to include in your blueprints.

MancavesRecreation Rooms

One of the newest trends in the custom home business is the addition of fun little rec rooms. What is a rec room exactly? The concept is far from new, but including a rec room or game room in your home is an idea that has truly surged in recent years. Whether it’s a children’s playroom, a mancave or a home theater space, these rec rooms are places where you, your family and your friends can relax and have fun with your choice of entertainment options.

The sky’s the limit to how you can use your rec room, notes LiftMaster. Many people choose to add games and activities into the space, which can be a specially designed table area to play board or card games at or table tennis and pool tables for a bit of fun competition. You can also add your own style to your recreation room, painting the space in colors that will put you at ease and help create a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to rec rooms, many new home builders are getting requests for media rooms, gyms and libraries. Whatever kind of space you prefer, you can include it in your new home design.

Technology in Homes Increased Technology

The world is vastly changing and, with it, technology is growing by leaps and bounds, making life easier and safer, especially at home. Some of the biggest new trends in technology include adding fire and natural gas alarms, reports SFGate, as well as motion sensors and internet-connected thermostats.

Solar energy is another popular option. More and more custom homes are being built with solar panels, which not only add a sleek look but also help to improve a property’s overall energy efficiency and self-sufficiency. These days, homes are filled with computers, televisions, washers, dryers and more and all of this hardware uses a lot of electricity. Solar panels can cut down on these costs, hence their popularity.


SunroomsAnother new area being added to many new custom homes is the sunroom. While some considerations must be made before putting in one in, adding a sunroom can provide a great open space for you to feel that wash of warm light and the feeling of being outdoors while in the comfort of your own home.

Homeowners with new sunrooms gush over the amazing benefits. This is a room that everyone will want to be in for entertaining or general leisure. Sunrooms can also cut your utility costs because you will be replacing the electricity needed to light the room with all natural sunlight.

Intricate Stairways

The casual homeowner might think that staircases can only be so flashy, but new owners are requesting more elaborate and eye-catching staircases, says Construction Dive. A popular request is having staircases that are closer to the entrance of the home in an attempt to create a focal point when people enter your home.

Other novel approaches to custom built staircases include detailed tile designs, iron posts and fancy newel posts. Check out a whole array of fun and unique ideas put together by This Old House.

Build the Custom Home of Your Dreams With Reynolds Home Builder

At Reynolds Home Builder, we can add all of these incredible features and more as part of your new custom home design. Client satisfaction is our primary goal, and when you work with us, we’ll work to ensure that every feature, aspect and unique design that you want to include is a part of your blueprints.

Sit down with us to discuss your vision of the perfect house and let us get to work on designing your custom-built home. Schedule an initial consultation today by calling us at 850-508-5076.