Why Should You Consider a Mother-In-Law Suite for Your Home?

Mother-In-Law Suites It’s a common story in this part of Florida: so-and-so moved down from New York, Pennsylvania or New Jersey to get away from the cold, snowy winters. He or she brought along some family members, but more would– conceivably– like to come, too. Where to put them is often the question many Floridians ask themselves… and the answer is “a mother-in-law suite,” which is a convenient and smart addition to any Tallahassee home. When you live in Florida you often get people wanting to visit from “up North,” since Florida weather is what so many people desire, especially during the winter.

Reynolds Home Builders can add on a mother-in-law suite, which can be used by actual mother-in-laws or guests visiting from out-of-town who’d like to stay awhile for whatever reason.

The Advantages of a Mother-In-Law Suite

Mother-In-Law Suites Consider this: people are living longer today than they used to. Rather than put mom “in a home” where she’s apt to be a bit lonely, it makes sense to have mom come “live with me/us” — her family. That way, she receives much better care than “at a home,” and feels included in the day-to-day family activities, which can truly enhance her overall comfort and well-being. This works especially well if there are kids in the home, who can benefit from not only seeing Grandma daily, but interacting with her, hearing her stories, and, hopefully, learning quite a bit from her about life. Family matters, and it certainly helps if Mom/Grandma is close by.

Mother-in-law suites are best designed with older folks in mind who may not have the mobility they used to– therefore, large, low-curb showers with ramp entries, a built-in bench, and grab bars make sense in bathrooms, while doorways are wide enough (36” inches or more) for accessibility should a person use a wheelchair or walker. The less cramped a mother-in-law suite feels, the better. Meanwhile, the mother-in-law suite can be functional on its own, complete with its own bathroom and kitchenette so whoever lives there doesn’t have to bother others in the house, while still remaining close to the family at opportune times. These suites allow for some privacy without being too far removed from “the action” nearby, thankfully.

Many Baby Boomers Now Need Some Assistance

Baby Boomers In 2009, there were about 40 million adults over the age of 65 living in the U.S. and that number is expected to increase to 72 million by 2030. So, it’s very likely that more and more mother-in-law suites will become the norm around Tallahassee and other cities where Seniors (and their kids) like to live.

Perhaps one of the main reasons mother-in-law suites are becoming more popular is the high cost of putting mom in a care-giving home, which can cost upwards of $100,000 per year! Keeping mom in the family home is the more affordable option for most people.

Mother-in-law suites can serve different purposes over time. For some years, they’re used for mom’s living space, while other years they may be converted into storage space, an extra bedroom for visitors, or even a place to rent out on AirBNB.com.

Generally, construction of a proper mother-in-law suite may take several months. Permits may be needed, along with plans and paperwork. These types of suites often utilize smooth, non-skid floors, lever handles for both doors and faucets, and other features that make life easier for people who may not have an easy time using their hands, arms, legs and feet “like they used to.”

Suites Are a Fun Alternative to Nursing Homes

Rather than have your mother-in-law buy and maintain her own house, or use up all her savings living at a Senior home, Reynolds Home Builders can discuss the idea of adding on a mother-in-law suite to your current home so mom (or others) can stay with you.

Reynolds Home Builders can customize in-law suites based on specific needs. From design to construction, Reynolds has experience doing these kind of projects in order to enhance the lives of the many people involved, from moms to kids and visitors, as well. Indeed, Reynolds has helped many Florida homeowners add the in-law suite of their dreams to their homes. It’s a cost-effective, energy-efficient thing to do, complete with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Our experienced contractors see to it that you’ll love what’s done with your home to make it even better than it already was!

Please call Reynolds Home Builders at 850-508-5076 for more information about in-law suite additions.


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