Tips for Decorating Your Sunroom

Decorating Sunrooms In Florida, many homes have sunrooms. One of the chief benefits of having a sunroom is having a place in your home where you feel like you’re outdoors… but you’re not. What are some tips for decorating your Florida sunroom?

Find the Right Colors

First, paint the room in a bright, cheerful color you love. You’ll want a color that makes you feel good. Examples of ideal colors for a sunroom include yellow, orange, pink and turquoise.

Select the Right Furniture

Next, arrange furniture like you would for other rooms. You’ll want “conversation areas,” some storage space, a visual focal point, and, of course, room for traffic flow. Arrange things so it doesn’t feel cramped. Oh, and you might want to put an area rug or two around the conversation area(s)/traffic flow paths.

When considering furniture for your sunroom, popular materials include anything natural, like teak wood, rattan, bamboo or wicker. If the furniture involves fabric (chair covers, sofa cushions, etc.) try to use fabric/colors that won’t fade in the sun. The color red, for instance, tends to fade quickly no matter what, while blue doesn’t.

Remember the Window Treatments and Accessories

How about window treatments? Sunrooms and rolled up bamboo blinds go well together. Wooden shutters and/or light fabric curtains can also work for sunrooms. With curtains, go for cotton, linen and/or shears.

Typically, people like to put potted plants in their sunrooms. This is fine– just don’t overdo it. Most likely there are plenty of plants right outside, so use a few in the room– don’t make it an indoor jungle.

It’s always fun to add some decorative accessories on the walls, including Florida-centric items you got at local gift shops, garage sales, and tourist traps. Sea turtles, seashells, palm tree/beach paintings and other “local flavor” make sense in sunrooms. Again, keep it rather simple, rather than overdoing it.


Finally, it’s nice to have modern lighting installed in your sunroom, so you can hang out there at night. Today’s “LED” lighting is cool and almost futuristic– definitely worth investigating.

By the way, if you don’t have a sunroom or you do and you want to make it bigger, Reynolds Home Builders in Tallahassee, FL, can help! Call 850-508-5076 for info.

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