The Benefits of Screened Porches

Screened Porches Have you been thinking about adding a screened porch room to your home? If so, you should consider doing it now. There are so many advantages that you will get to enjoy when you have it installed. Here are some of the many benefits that come along with screened porch rooms.

They make your home feel bigger.

When you have a screened porch room put onto your home, it will immediately feel like your home got bigger. A screened porch room will provide you with plenty of livable space. You can turn it into a meditation room, a game room, or even a place for the kids to play.

They allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being outside.

Sitting outside in the summertime sounds like a good idea. However, it can actually be more trouble than it’s worth. Between the sun beating right down on you and the bugs flying all over the place, it won’t be long before you’re scurrying for cover. However, with a screened porch room, you’ll be able to enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer without sitting outside in the sun.

They prevent bugs from getting into your main living areas.

When you use a screened porch room to access the rest of your home, you will decrease the chances of bugs finding their way into your house. The screens on the room will prevent bugs from getting close to your door, which will limit the number of bugs that work their way into your living areas.

They require very little maintenance.

The best part about having a screened porch room is that it will require almost no maintenance at all. While you might have some furniture that will need to be vacuumed or wiped down, most screened porch room floors are concrete. You can simply sweep or mop them to keep them clean.

As you can see, there are so many benefits you’ll enjoy with a screened porch room. Call Reynolds Home Builders at 850-508-5076 today to find out how much it would cost to add one to your home.

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