Why Bathroom Remodels Are a Sound Investment

If you’ve ever been to New York City and stayed in an older home or hotel, you know how small the bathrooms are. Long ago, bathrooms were literally like small “water closets,” whereas today people’s expectations have changed. Bathrooms today, at least on new builds, are expected to be bigger, prettier and with more amenities than ever before.

A long time ago people didn’t shower daily. They didn’t spend much time on their routine in the bathroom, whereas today it’s not unusual for some to spend a couple hours in there on a daily basis. It has truly become an important room of the house.

It makes sense that the bathrooms of today are becoming better than the outdated ones of the past. But what if you have a home with an old bathroom? Should you consider having it remodeled? Is it a sound investment? The answer is… yes.

Bathroom Remodels Provide a Strong ROI

Not to get too concerned with numbers on you, but know this: a bathroom remodel yields a 62 percent return on investment, so if you’re even thinking of selling your house, it behooves you to have the bathroom redone. Even if you plan to stay awhile where you are, it makes sense to update the bathroom for your own comfort and convenience.

What can be done to improve a bathroom? Well, have you heard about the key to a happy marriage? It’s having two sinks in the bathroom. A lot of people these days prefer two sinks instead of one, as well as custom “rain” showers, and, best of all, improved lighting so they can see what they’re doing in the mirror better than before when the one little light just wasn’t cutting it. Furthermore, you’d be amazed at how new paint, a brand new toilet, a new shower faucet/head, and flooring can transform the room from drab to fab.

Did you know some toilets today are marketed as being able to flush golf balls down at lightning speed? Not sure how many people would actually flush golf balls, but it definitely makes a lasting impression. Once you experience a modern toilet you’ll realize your old toilet wasn’t as good– and was wasting a lot of water, too.

Also, consider how space is currently being utilized– most people seem to have nowhere to put their stuff in their crowded bathrooms. A remodel can include better countertop space as well as storage cabinets that take advantage of formerly underutilized areas in the room. For some people, walls might even come down in order to expand the overall physical size of the room to better accommodate their needs.

Homebuyers Love New Bathrooms

For those of you who plan on selling your house, consider that buyers are going to care most about two things– the kitchen and the bathroom(s). Therefore, those are the things to concentrate on remodeling to bring up-to-date if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Think about it this way: if you were shopping for a new place to live, would you choose the home with big, clean, neutral bathrooms or the one that has a small, messy one with garish-colored walls? Bathrooms, when done right, help sell a house quickly and for top dollar.

Reynolds Home Builders of Tallahassee, is in the business of bathroom remodeling. Frequently, customers ask for larger showers so they can stand up and stretch out comfortably in them, as well as whirlpool tubs where they can truly relax after a long, hard day’s work. And, since people have more “stuff” than ever before, from hair dryers to curling irons and shampoos to toothbrushes, there’s an ever-growing need for additional countertop space as well as cabinets for storage. This is especially true for homes with several daughters who need extra drawer space.

If you’re thinking of a total makeover for your bathroom(s), contact Reynolds Home Builders today at 850-508-5076 for more information and/or to start the planning process. For the amount of time spent in a bathroom, remodeling is well worth the investment.

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