Why You May be Overdue for a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, you’re probably thinking, “I wonder if I need to do some upgrades before I put it on the market.” This happens all the time– people tend to have their kitchen remodeled right before they sell their house, with hopes that the up-to-date kitchen helps their place sell quickly and for a good/better price. It’s not a bad idea; people really do notice a kitchen when they’re considering a house to buy. The kitchen is a main room of the house where food gets cooked, veggies get chopped, drinks and more get stored in the fridge, dishes get cleaned, and, of course, people “hang out.” That said, doesn’t it seem a shame that people wait until right before they move out to fix up their old kitchen? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a remodeled kitchen for a couple years before selling the place? Definitely.

Besides getting ready to sell a house, what are some other reasons to remodel a kitchen?

Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

For starters, it’s good to bring a kitchen “up-to-date” for your own purposes. Maybe you’ve seen other people’s kitchens and thought, “How lovely; wish I had granite countertops!” or “Those stainless steel appliances look so sleek and modern. How come I don’t have those?” It’s time to stop thinking about “what if” and, instead, start making decisions to literally update the look and feel of your old kitchen. That way, when people come over, they can ooh and aah over it. You’ll feel proud that you have something new to show off to people. You can also bring your kitchen into the 21st Century with “smart” appliances that use technology in a good way. Many people like the ability to control various things in their modern kitchens using an app on their smartphones.

New Needs

What about your daily needs in the kitchen? Have they changed? Say, for example, you used to be single but recently got married. Now you and your partner cook together and you want to reconfigure some things in the kitchen in order to accommodate newfound meal prep needs. Maybe you wish you had more counter space or more storage cabinets– so get the kitchen remodeled to fit your current and future needs. A lot of older kitchens just aren’t configured for today’s modern life. Even something as simple as adding an electrical outlet or two in the room can help make the room more useful. Think of all the things we plug in to the wall today, including smartphone chargers, laptops, TVs, radios, toasters, microwaves, George Foreman grills, blenders, etc. Plus, if your current kitchen doesn’t have an “island” in the middle, but it’s something you’ve always desired, remodeling time is the right time to add one.

Suit Your Style

What’s your personal style? Did you move into the house and never change a thing, but you’ve always had it in the back of your mind that you wish your kitchen looked more like “you” than whomever used to live there? This can be as simple as a paint job to add your favorite color to the room, or as detailed as totally different cabinets and appliances. For instance, if your kitchen looks like a “country store”– very rustic– but you’re not at all that kind of person, then it would make sense to transform its style with a remodeling job.  Also, perhaps your kitchen has seen better days. The “wear and tear” has made it look like it’s in shambles. That’s a good reason to hire a contractor like Reynolds Home Builders to remodel the room. If drawers don’t open easily, cabinets are faded, the counters are peeling and certain overhead lights no longer work, it’s time for remodeling work.

Utilize Your Space

When you have your kitchen professionally remodeled, this is your chance to have input on how the space is used. It’s your chance to better utilize space for what you want and need. Need a bigger pantry to store stuff? Done. Want that middle “island” installed? Got it. Has the room always been too dark for seeing what you’re doing? Add some overhead lights. Working with your contractor, you get the chance to have creative input into personalizing your

In the Tallahassee area, the contractor to call for kitchen remodeling services is Reynolds Home Builders. The number is 850-508-5076 or you can email reynoldshomebuilders@hotmail.com.

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