The Advantages of Building a Custom Home

Custom Home Builder in Tallahassee Most people settle for whatever’s offered to them in every way, whether it’s the foods they eat, the jobs they take, or the homes they live in… but then there are people who “march to the beat of a of their own,” and seek the personalized things that suit their specific needs.

In a world where so much is out of a person’s control, coming up with plans for a custom built home is the ultimate exercise in controlling one’s own world. After all, this is the rare and fun opportunity to have lots of choices, make decisions, and enjoy the fruits of one’s mental labor. If you’ve ever put together a puzzle and enjoyed it, then you have an idea of what it’s like to design and build a new home. A lot of pieces of the puzzle have to come together in order to finish it.

Custom Homes Are Unique

Custom homes aren’t “cookie cutter,” and that’s appealing to a lot of folks. For example, an empty nest married couple who wants to build their dream house is likely going to get excited about picking out countertops, lighting, appliances, flooring and more. It gives them a project to work on together. This time around, unlike the time they bought what was cheap and available, they get to essentially design the space where they’ll spend most of their time.

With custom built homes from Reynolds Home Builders, people are able to get a one-of-a-kind home if that’s exactly what they want. It’ll be a house that’s “uniquely you,” reflecting your personal style, taste and choices. That’s a very appealing thing for certain people. No matter what the size, there’s a feeling that one’s creating their own castle.

The Benefits of Custom Built Homes

Advantages of Custom HomesSome of the reasons people want custom built homes include the addition of space that’s a bit unconventional. For instance, the car collector can have a 5-car garage if he wants, while the avid swimmer can make sure there’s an indoor pool included in the plans. Or what about the family with more than a dozen kids? With a custom built home, they get to make sure each kid has his or her own room, as well as a huge living room for things like movie nights and family meetings. Also, consider families with special needs. A custom built home can be designed and built to accommodate a child in a wheelchair, or, perhaps, have extra wide doorways, railings, and open space layouts on a single floor plan for older seniors who aren’t as mobile as they used to be. Not all families are alike, so it makes sense that some will need custom built homes to meet their specific needs.

Another nice thing about custom built homes– these days especially– is the opportunity to make them “greener” than the homes of previous generations and eras. In the mood to harness solar energy utilizing your new home’s roof? Go for it. Looking for the most energy efficient windows, doors, and appliances? This is your chance to be as environmentally-friendly as possible if that’s your thing. The more energy efficient a home is, the less expensive its heating and cooling bills are.

Also, rather than buying an older home and cleaning/updating it, a brand new custom built home requires less maintenance since it’s so new. A lot of people like to move into something that’s fresh and clean rather than a fixer-upper.

How to Choose a Builder

Building a Custom Home  When choosing a custom home builder, like Reynolds Home Builders, check to see that their process lines up with the kind of timeframe and budget you envision. In many ways, entrusting a builder to create your custom home is like entering into a relationship, where communication is vital and you both want to be “on the same page.” You will spend a lot of time dealing with your builder and crew, so make sure you feel confident and comfortable around them before you sign any contracts.

In the Tallahassee area, Reynolds Home Builders believes that client satisfaction is the number one goal. Therefore, they’ve built a solid reputation over time by choosing to work with the best materials, arrangements, set-up and prices for people to choose when creating their dream home. Whether it’s a sun room, balcony, indoor pool, or other feature, know that Reynolds has the experience and know-how to make unique custom homes people want and love.

It’s quite a fun experience designing your own home and then having it custom built. If you’ve always wanted your own castle now is the time to contact Reynolds Home Builders and start the process. Please call 850-508-5076 or email to explore what’s possible.

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