Reasons to Build Rather Than Buy a Home

Custom Homes Are you a picky person by nature? If so, you might want to consider building your new home rather than buying one that’s on the market. When you build your own home you get to decide the details. For a picky person, this is an ideal situation.

Imagine you’re a single guy or gal and you live in a decent, albeit small house. You fall in love. Your significant other wants to move in with you, but you hear the age-old problem spoken aloud: “There’s just not enough room.” Instead of a two-car garage, it’s just a one-car garage. Instead of having 3 bedrooms– one for sleeping, one for guests and one for “the designated junk room,” there’s just one bedroom and a “sort-of loft.” Obviously, the place isn’t big enough for two or more people.

Things can get further compounded when your significant other’s 80-year-old mom isn’t as mobile or mentally clear as she used to be. It would be nice to have her “come stay with us” says your significant other. “But where would we put her?” is the reply. Meanwhile, older people don’t do well with stairs and narrow hallways and bathrooms without grab bars.

These are some major reasons why people decide to build their own house rather than stay where they currently live and/or buy a home that’s not customized to their exact needs.

Custom HomesIf you’re the kind of person who likes to take on projects and you can handle logistics well, then maybe building your own house is a good idea. After all, it can actually save you money in the long run, since you’re paying for what you want and need rather than overpaying for an already built house that has more (or less) than what you truly want or need. For instance, you might not like, want or need a fireplace, so why buy a house with one? The same goes for a pool in the yard or a huge kitchen when you prefer to eat at restaurants for most meals. Having your own house built can save you about 25% off the price of a home that already exists. You’ll also avoid the disappointment of trying to buy an already existing house only to be outbid by a competitor.

Next, consider aesthetics. When you design and build your own home you’re in charge of what goes where, within reason. There’s something special about having a major say in how the house you’ll call home will look and feel. It can be uniquely yours, compared to an already built house where you’re forced to work with whatever you’re given. New homes don’t require major upgrades or repairs– another factor to take into account.

Also, the process of building one’s own home is a good chance to learn about the ins-and-outs of how homes are actually constructed. You’ll get to visually see “behind the walls” and know where the plumbing pipes are located, for example. People often marvel at the process– starting from nothing and ending up with the finished product gives people a sense of accomplishment that’s quite rewarding.

Building your own home adds value to the community it’s in. Not only will you enjoy it, but future generations will, too. For some, their house is part of their legacy– something to be proudly passed on after their time on this earth is done.

Home Contractor Rather than accept whatever’s out there, for sale, when you have your own home built you can decide to use the best materials available so your house will be solid and function well over time. Meanwhile, you can even watch over the builders to ensure that everything’s being built as you intended– checking their workmanship as needed.

Another reason people prefer building their own home versus buying an already existing one is that, with a brand new build, there’s generally no mortgage. For some people, they even retire earlier since they’re not having to constantly work to “pay the mortgage.”

In the Tallahassee area, Reynolds Home Builders can help you build the house of your dreams. You pick the space, materials, design, look and feel– exactly what YOU want– and Reynolds makes that custom built house a reality.

Call Reynolds Home Builders today at 850-508-5076 or email for more information on custom built homes in the Tallahassee area. Reynolds would love to help make your dream home a reality!

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