New Year, New Kitchen? Top Design Trends for 2017 Remodels

Kitchen Remdoels A new year is a great excuse to makeover your kitchen. Adding updated design details and eco-friendly elements will give you more reason to enjoy the nerve center of your home – and it’ll also add plenty of value to your home’s price tag. If you’re not sure where to get started, Reynolds Home Builder is here to help. We’ve picked out the top design trends that we expect to see in 2017. Use them as inspiration for a reno in your own space!

Light, Bright and Airy

Open concept design for your kitchen and light, bright colors are still in, according to The Real Deal. Light colors like whites and light blues can go a long way toward making a small kitchen seem bigger and brighter, and when it comes to spaces that you spend tons of time in, neutral is good. If you have a small kitchen and only a window or two, consider swapping out your dark wood cabinets for white ones, and painting the walls a relaxing cream. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter the space looks and feels by using softer and lighter colors.

Kitchen ColorsFor bigger spaces, stick to whites and light colors on the walls and cabinets, but choose a warmer color for the floor. If you have wood flooring in your living area, carry it through to the kitchen. Warm wood flooring will make your kitchen comfy and inviting, and it’ll be easier on your feet and back than the traditional tile.

Wood Accents

The Real Deal also says that wood accents will be big in 2017. To prevent your kitchen from feeling too white, use wooden accents on stools, countertops and even drawer pulls to give the space a bit of texture. If you have a large space, you can mix and match white cabinets with wood. We still recommend going for a lighter wood like bamboo, but adding this accent will give your kitchen a modern and cozy feel.

If you want to go full-on modern, consider adding wood paneling to the walls. We know this sounds a little ‘70s, but as with many trends, what’s old is new again. Consider going with a white, modern shiplap and see your kitchen instantly transform into a gorgeous shabby-chic 21st-century kitchen.

Next-Level Backsplash

Instead of using tile to decorate only a small area of the wall between your countertop and your cabinets, why not tile a whole wall? This trend is picking up, and we expect to see it in many more kitchens in the coming year. A full tile wall is a big statement piece in your kitchen, and it can revolutionize an outdated design. If you’re on the fence, go with a neutral tile, something that has a little sparkle but soft colors, or check out these photos from Houzz for even more inspiration.

Subway tile is a great tile to use for a tile accent wall, especially if you’ve never worked with tile before. It’s easy to handle and install, and the end result is dramatic without being too flashy.

Kitchen DesignsThoughtful Design

According to Inman, the next big thing in kitchen remodel is thoughtful design. What does that mean exactly? Think stylish, but functional design that flows with the rest of your living space. Enclose large, loud appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators behind cabinets to give your kitchen more of a living room feel. Choose design elements that are pretty, but also useful, like a built-in chopping station or wine bottle opener.

Homeowners are also consciously choosing environmentally friendly appliances and materials to make their kitchen green and chemical-free. If you’re purchasing new appliances, be sure to look into the Energy Star ratings of the options you’re considering. You could even save a buck on your energy and water bills if you go with an environmentally friendly fridge or dishwasher! You can also try to find certified green items to use in your home. When you’re choosing materials, pick natural options, like chemical-free paint and eco-friendly sourced wood, to make a more eco-conscious statement on your way to a great finished product.

Our experienced contractors can work with you to remake your kitchen into the room of your dreams. For more tips on design trends for the upcoming year or to discuss a kitchen renovation at your home in 2017, check out our kitchen services or give Reynolds Home Builders a call today at 850-508-5076.

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