Interesting Ideas for Your Custom Home

Ideas for Custom Homes Reynolds Home Builders likes helping people bring their custom home ideas to fruition. Just like a singer gets tired of singing the same old song year after year, home builders, too, long for some variety in their work. When people come up with plans for their own unique custom built home, this sparks excitement for both the people who will live there, as well as the people who will build it.

What are some custom home ideas that are worth considering?

Space Under Stairs

You know that place under the stairs that’s often wasted in most homes? Why not create a tiny kids’ playroom under the stairs– their own private clubhouse in the house rather than in a tree in the yard? Or how about utilizing that space for storage, turning it into an unconventional closet?


Homes should have mudrooms. With a custom home, add one into the mix– it’ll be a “catch all room” that can be used for storage, as well as coats, boots, and whatever else doesn’t seem to fit in other rooms. Some people even put a “washing station” for their pets in the mudroom– a place to clean off a dog’s feet after they’ve been outside– before they try and track mud into the living room with its white rugs.

Extra Outlets and Lighting Varieties

With custom homes, have more electrical outlets installed than you’d think you’d use, because you can never have enough outlets in a house. The more you have, the fewer long extension cords you’ll need to run– and those cords can be unsightly, right?

Dimmer switches for lights, recessed lighting, L.E.D. lights that can change colors– these are all interesting ways to light up a home and something to consider with your builder.

Displays for Art and Collectibles

Do you tend to collect a lot of books or objects of art? Why not have built-in shelves on certain walls of the home? Do you love to buy lots of cans of food to be used for meals? Consider having a pantry as part of your custom home. And how about this: why not create a “secret room,” whereas you turn a “wall” to get into your speakeasy (bar), library or movie room that few people will ever know about?

Outside the Box Ideas

Finally, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Want skylights in nearly every room? An outdoor courtyard? A slide in the kid’s room? How about making it a “smart” home where you can control lights, locks and security systems from your smartphone or tablet?

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